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ASD Teen Hangout Group

Autism Spectrum Teen Hangout Group

School is a tough place for teens diagnosed on the autism spectrum. In junior and senior high school, conformity is valued. But for teens on the spectrum, social conformity can be extraordinarily difficult to achieve. Junior and senior high school also requires tremendous flexibility, as students transition from space to space, subject to subject, teacher to teacher each day. Because many individuals with autism tend to prefer consistency to change, this, too, can be difficult area to manage.

Our Teen Hangout Group offers teens a space for them to be themselves and to talk with their peers about the triumphs and challenges of each day. By blending both clinical engagement with fun activities we are able to balance skill building with fun. We offer six week group cycles where we focus on specific areas of skill building using an evidence based approach through dynamic peer engagement and scenarios to apply the principles being presented.

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Autism Social Skills Playgroup Our ASD Social Skills Playgroup provides a safe and supportive environment for youth ages 5-16 to meet with other children to develop socialization skills and build friendships each week.